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RightThisMinute-Magic Dust Productions

Hired as an editor in July of 2011, I was one of the first employees brought on board for the start up of the show. Right This Minute is a nationally syndicated television show, and leading up to our first episode I played an integral part of designing the show’s format and its day to day creation.   I contributed in our efforts of social media push, helping create visually stimulating templates that would be used on air to help drive fans to our website and our Facebook page.

My daily tasks as an editor of Right This Minute include using Final Cut Pro 7 combined with Motion and Photoshop to create professional packages. What is special about being an editor at Right This Minute is that I am responsible for the flow and the final cut of each story I produce, I am not given a script, every day I am using my story composition skills to edit together the best product from start to finish.

Along with editing several packages each day, it is my responsibility as Editor to assemble the final segments of the show to maintain a perfectly timed out product.  Working alongside my line producers and executive producers, we strive for a well flowing, cohesive and solid show every day.  I have always worked well with others and for a daily television show with extremely tight deadlines, it is crucial to work as a team.

Arizona Cardinals Football Club

The Arizona Cardinals Football Club provided me with an early start working in the NFL. The organization offered one, highly competitive paid student intern position, and after vying for it with several other candidates I was selected as the sole intern with the team. My position gave me the opportunity to work extensively with both the marketing and broadcast departments, and came with numerous responsibilities across a large field of diverse policies and procedures.

My main duty was to produce, edit, and upload packages, special features, and other video content for I was trained to use Content Management Systems, and quickly mastered navigating the interworks of our website, working independently on many special assignments. I also became proficient with using and understanding Mediabin, using it hand-in-hand with each video or image I needed to upload to the site.

My responsibilities allowed me to hone my production and editing skills, I was behind the lens of a camera every day whether I was shooting practice to provide b-roll for update stories, conducting player interviews, or on the sidelines of home games filming highlights. I was in charge of producing three weekly web features on my own, which allowed my creativity and storytelling skills to flourish. Along with producing feature and update videos for the website, I assisted in the production and content of three weekly Cardinals television shows, Maximum Cardinals, The Ken Whisenhunt Show, and Cardinals Headquarters also contributing at least one article per month to Sidelines, the monthy fan newsletter.

 Fox Sports Arizona, Sun Devils 101

I was hand chosen as the Executive Student Producer of Sun Devils 101, a sports magazine TV show produced by top broadcast students at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism that aired on Fox Sports Arizona. I Worked hand-in-hand with my peers to brainstorm and develop stories for broadcast as well as film, write, and edit feature packages. It was my responsibility to ensure deadlines were met and that only top quality production saw airtime. This position, as well as being a full-time student, a paid intern for the Arizona Cardinals, along with my job as a part-time employee for the city of Tempe, taught me definitively how to juggle tasks and proficiently manage my time. The nature of producing a show involving professional and student athletes as center pieces of stories required detailed planning. Often, interview and filming plans would be arranged weeks in advance, and other times, opportune moments had to be seized within hours. My extensive experience, ability to multitask, delegate responsibility, and perform under pressure ensured I always delivered a top quality professional package for broadcast.

Paired with my producing responsibilities was that of managing our Sun Devils 101 brand, which required constant Facebook and Twitter maintenance. I constantly updated statuses, replied to fan posts, posted images to both social entities, and posted updates on upcoming episodes to inform fans of future show content.  I even pioneered a monthly trivia contest, in which the Facebook fan that correctly answered the most questions regarding the recent broadcast would win a prize. Contests like this drastically increased our Facebook page traffic, and generated more fan attention to our television show.


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