Who I am


I am a proud Arizonian, which is surprisingly a real word. Would using the term ‘Arizona native’ been the easier way to dictate; “I was born and raised in Arizona and proud of it”?  Yes, but the easier way is not exactly the way I live my life. ‘Arizona native’ is commonplace, the term ‘Arizonian’ on the other hand, like me, is different. A good different.

In a nutshell, I am an inspired, enthusiastic young man who is hungry for an opportunity to produce amazing stories to a large and equally passionate audience. Aside from being a self-starting, hard-working perfectionist who works well with others, I am a guy who is passionate about making every day count. I like to be outdoors (or underwater) as much as I can afford. I am a mountain biker, a scuba diver, a snowboarder, a two-time triathlete, and I can cast a fishing line pretty darn far.  I am an experienced traveler, and I enjoy trying to better myself in my career and all around life.


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